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Snow Day 2010

Snow Day 2010(View from our deck looking over the apartments across the street)

Well, long time, no see... :) I figure this post is a good way to break my blogging hiatus.

Snow is really rare in Seattle. We usually only get a day of two of it each year if at all. However, last night's snowfall, accompanied by Arctic winds in the teens, combined to make the roads extra icy and dangerous. People here aren't prepared for that type of weather (no snow tires or chains) and many left their cars abandoned on the side of the road because they were slipping and sliding around on the roads too much. It was insane!

Anyway, that happened to us too. The bad part of the storm came on suddenly when we were at the store. It was snowing when we drove there, but the roads were wet and not freezing. By the time we came out of the store only thirty minutes later, the roads had a coat of snow with freezing slush beneath. We made it most of the way home, bypassing what hills we could (witnessing four cars slide down a hill right in front of us; one even slid into a parked car and a stop sign...yikes!) but ended up leaving our car (and our groceries) at the library and walking the rest of the 2 miles home (in the dark, dressed only in our sweat shirts, jeans, and converses...OMG, so COLD!).

It's still icy today, but my husband was able to get the car home even though the roads are still horrible. So, our snow adventure is over. It's not one I want to revisit again. *knock on wood*
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