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Character Facts Meme: Brandee

Brandee was tagged by starling_1. (Thanks for tagging her, Beth! It's been fun reconnecting with her.)

1. Post 10 facts about your character.
2. Tag 5 other characters.
3. Post their names with the creators' usernames.
4. You can tag back!

(More sexy pictures of her behind the fake!cut...Warning: they are NSFW!!!)

10 Facts about Brandee Taylor-Shadowtalon

1. Brandee has always been insatiably curious (a trait inherited by her daughter Emily).
2. When she was a little girl, Brandee was wandering through an old, abandoned monestary when she crossed through a Veil into a parallel world where she encountered a creature that hadn't existed in our world for a very long time—an elf (Tahlvin).
3. She never forgot her elf and wrote many stories about him, which became more and more erotic as she grew up.
4. Before she crossed through the Veil again as an adult, Brandee was engaged to Jason Ramsey; however, Jason disappeared one day and Brandee was never able to discover what happened to him.
5. She's extremely interested in past cultures and how they express themselves through art. Her interest led her to becoming a museum curator, with a speciality in art.
6. Despite her adoration of art, she hasn't an artistic bone in her body. She gets extremely frustrated by that fact.
7. Her dad and mom got a divorce when she was a little kid. She tried to get them back together by running away.
8. Her job can be crazy and hectic at times, especially when getting ready for showings, so she greatly appreciates her down time. In fact, she's been known to go on trips by herself just so she can have complete solitude and reconnect with herself.
9. She's actually very charmed by her daughter's boyfriend Edmond (much to her husband's annoyance).
10. Due to some things that happened (which I'm not going to elaborate on...haha) her life expectancy has been greatly extended, which is why she still looks so youthful; evenso, since she's human, she will still pass on long before her husband (who, as an elf can expect to live for a couple thousand years or more).

I still have one character left to do (Julian) and then I'll tag people when I get around to his post.
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