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Blog Dump

There's a lot of stuff to catch you up on:

» J and I have been married for fourteen years today! Go, us! Counting the time we dated, we've been together for almost sixteen years now. Seriously, time really does fly. He is my best friend and the love of my life. We do almost everything together and enjoy spending as much time as we can with each other. There's no other person I would have rather spent the last sixteen years of my life and I hope to spend many, many more wonderful years with him in the future. Happy Anniversary, my love! ♥

» Today is also the anniversary of the first manned moon landing. Yes, we did specifically schedule our wedding on July 20th just so we could say we share the same anniversary with Apollo 11. We are such geeks. XD

» I've been so frakkin' stressed lately. Just yesterday, stress was weighing on me so heavily that it was like my own personal gravity had increased. I just wanted to curl up on my bed, hug a stuffed animal and take a nap. But I couldn't calm down enough to sleep. Ugh. Anyway, I have a hard time talking about personal issues, but bottling it up hasn't been helping so maybe talking about it on LJ will help. (That's what it's for, right?)

I ended up going to the gynecologist a couple of weeks ago because I've been having irregular bleeding. My last regular period was back in April, then I skipped a month in May. (I knew that I wasn't pregnant because J has had a vasectomy, but I thought it was caused by stress since J lost his job in May.) Then, in June, I started irregular spotting—I had a very light flow everyday for about 3/4 of the month. Obviously, something wasn't right, so I decided to face my fear of going to the doctor's so I could figure out what was going on.

Last Friday, I got the results of my pap smear and blood tests, and they came back fine. My doctor said the next thing to do would be to try to regulate my period by taking birth control pills; however, I was a little nervous about doing that because of the possible side-effects associated with them. So, I asked if there was anything else I could try first. She said that sometimes losing some weight can help change your hormonal levels and that might help get things back on track. (She also wants to do an ultrasound of my pelvic area to see if there is some other reason, such as a polyp, for the unexplained bleeding; but, that's not going to happen until August since our private health insurance hasn't issued us our cards yet.)

Anyway, I chose to try losing weight first. But, early Sunday morning, I think I started my long-delayed period. Only problem: the bleeding was a lot heavier than I've ever experienced with a period before. I'm a worrywart who has a tendency towards anxiety problems, so I promptly had a panic attack and thought I was in danger of bleeding to death. Luckily, I called my mom for some advice (since she's had issues like this before...unfortunately, she ended up having a hysterectomy). She said, if the flow slowed down at all in a few hours that it would be okay to wait until Monday when I could contact my doctor. That's what I ended up doing and, yesterday, my doctor prescribed birth control pills in an effort to slow down the flow. It already seems to be helping, actually.

Hopefully, the pills will help regulate me and I can get back to normal. *crosses fingers* Also, I hope the ultrasound goes well and doesn't reveal anything bad. *knocks on wood*

Argh! This has been so frustrating and stressful. I really can't remember what it feels like to have no, or at least low, stress.

» In cuter news, I recently ordered some new fur wigs from S&M (Spite & Malice on DoA). Caroline, my vampire girl, now has a new look (I gave her Edmond's old eyes as well). I took a few quick pictures of her so I could show my sis what she looked like. I decided to post them here as well:

New Wig Time (1 of 5)

» One more thing: aren't Squishables cute? I wonder if hugging one would help me de-stress? I just can't pick out which one I'd want. I've managed to narrow my choices down to the panda, octopus, rooster, penguin, shark or killer whale. I want your opinion: out of these choices, which one would you choose?. :)
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