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About a Doll

After a couple of years of trying to find for the perfect shell for Brandee (my character from Worlds Apart, Tahlvin's wife, and Emily's mom), my search has come to an end. Last weekend when I was on DoA, I decided to take a look at the marketplace. Not really expecting a result, I did a search for "Limhwa" and, lo and behold, there was an Elly up for sale. Not just any Elly either, but the one that made me first fall in love with her sculpt (pic: 1, 2).

So, I ended up getting her and paid more for her than if I had been patient and bought her directly from Limhwa, but I consider the trade-off worth it since she will be arriving within the week instead of four or so months down the road. And, OMG, I can't wait until she gets here (and neither can Tahlvin)! I've already booked an appointment with Cristy at X-tremedolls (warning: background music on the front page) even though she won't be able to do Brandee's new face-up until August.

I've been watching the tracking information like a hawk:

Limhwa Elly USPS Tracking Info.

Hopefully, that means she'll be arriving at US customs soon and *knock on wood* that she won't get hung up there very long.
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