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Atomic Space Kitty
Can it wait for a bit? I'm in the middle of some calibrations.
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Mar.9th.2011 05:41 pm - Fever Dreams
ME2 Kate Shepard
My husband and I have both been sick with the flu since this past weekend. I'm still exhausted and achy, but at least my fever broke last night. Blarg! Thankfully, the flu was the kind without the vomit and other fun stuff. I just had the coughing, aches, stuffy and runny nose. Anyway, I've been muddling around in a drug and fever-induced stupor. What better thing to do than play a video game? Luckily, the Dragon Age II came out yesterday. Here's some screen shots of my character Gwen Hawke.

There may be a few minor spoilers, but nothing that you really need to worry about.

Gwen (in front) and her sister Bethany. I went for the gamine look for Gwen.

More pretty screen shots...Collapse )
Mar.2nd.2011 04:36 pm - Minifee Face-Ups
ME2 Miranda Lawson
My Minifees are done! Meggilu contacted me today to let me know Kaylee (MNF Shushu) and Jules (MNF Chloe) are ready to come home. They look great! I asked Meggilu if I could post her pictures of them here because I couldn't wait to show them off.

MNF Shushu
MNF Shushu by meggilu, on Flickr

MNF Chloe
MNF Chloe by meggilu, on Flickr
Feb.25th.2011 09:38 am - Icicle
ME2 Miranda | owns the hallway

We hardly ever get snow, so I rarely see icicles around my place in the winter. When I saw this one this morning, it looked so beautiful with the sun shining through it—almost like a crystal.
Feb.23rd.2011 12:23 pm - Emily Shadowtalon
ME2 Samara | red and purple
Emily recently returned from her spa treatment with Tiff (aka aEthEr hEad) at Zephiroth Aesthetics. She misses her friends that she made there ("Hi, Kendall!") but everyone here is glad she's back (especially her boyfriend Edmond).

Emily Shadowtalon (1 of 5)

I can't stop looking at her! ♥ She's been hanging out on my desk keeping me company.

Some more portrait shots...Collapse )

You can see all of Emily's past looks here.
Feb.21st.2011 01:19 pm - Box Opening Extras: Cats
ME2 Mordin | *hee*
Box Opening Extras (1 of 5)

As they always do, my cats "helped" me unpack my doll when she arrived last week.

The white girl is Sora and Tristan is the big orange tabby boy.

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